The Services that we Provide

Service at the premises of the client – an employee of our firm arrives at the premises of the client, where he feeds the system with the data, handles the balances and assists and guides the employees of the organization.

Bookkeeping in our offices –the material is brought to our office, where it is handled and edited for issuance of financial statements and accounts within several days.

Accounting services –preparation of periodical statements, loss and profit accounts, comparative periodical statements, budget management, accounts per product, cash flow accounts, etc.

Financial insights –analysis of the business and organizational features of the firm.

We and Zoom / Priority
Priority is a comprehensive and extensive perennial system. Only well maintained and well designed infrastructure, which is customized to the practices and to the patterns of activity of the business will enable the firm to utilize fully the unique features of the software and provide the business with the best solution for its needs.

Our firm has vast experience in providing accounting services to Priority and Zoom users.

Over the years we accumulated unique and outstanding abilities and advantages in creating efficient systems and working practices for the organization and for the manager.

  • In creating niche reports for the manager and for the organization.
  • In outlining the financial structure of the business, according to its unique needs.
  • In creating efficient and friendly mechanisms for the ongoing work.

We assist the firm in handling its affairs with the software manufacturer as well as in the processes of updating and upgrading the software.

Accounting and Financial Services for Users of Quickbooks

Our English Accounting Department services companies and assists start-ups with their international sales activities, also dealing with any required reporting to the authorities in the USA and Europe

Periodic reporting to the relevant tax authorities

Preparation of the financial reports

Analysis of the financial reports using various parameters and formats according to the needs and wants of the client and company shareholders

Quickbooks Accounting Services Department enables the CEO and CFO to carry out financial transactions at the highest, most up to date professional level at very low costs

antages and Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Accounts Management for Users of Quickbooks Accounts Management Program

No worries of personnel changes – the position is always manned by our experienced Quickbooks Program team

No need to manage and supervise staff – the responsibility for work content, yield and quality is our

We are updated on a regular basis regarding the latest technologies and tax laws
Low Costs – Payments are made only for professional services rendered